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Canada/Trudeau Stands Blind Deaf and Mute As Burma/Mayanmar slaughters the Rohingya Muslims!

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I have previously written two columns on this site on the persecution of Rohingya by the Burmese/Mayanmar military dictatorship that obviously remains intact, despite the Nobel Laureate Aung San Suu Qi being the head of the so called democratically elected government. The first was " The Nobel Committe Must Strip Aung San Suu Qyi of Her Nobel", on June 16, 2015. The second "Rohingya, the Persecuted Muslim Minority of the Majority Buddhist Mayanmar Needs Canada to Speak Up" was posted on April 18, 2017. The first, over two years ago, called for the rescinding of the Suu Qi's Nobel award due to her utter silence in the face of the Rohingya massacres. The second, when the Nobel Committte failed to act, urged the government of Canada to revoke her honorary Canadian citizenship arguing that it, the citizenship,  ought to mean something; and that the continuing bestowal of the same on Suu Qi, the deafeningly SILENT enabler of the torture and genocide of the Rohingya by the Mayanmar government, was an absolute shame and disgrace for Canada.

Suu Qi has turned out to be the biggest pretender and a disappointment in the terrible saga of Mayanmar previously known as Burma. In the pursuit of international peace and freedom even the most well meaning countries and institutions can make mistakes. What at one point may have seemed like a gesture of genuine concern for a far flung part of the world appears, in the aftermath of changes in circumstances, to have been a colossal error. Honoring of Suu Qi has  proven to be one such terrible misjudgment. While honoring her was praiseworthy and useful for enhancing the chances of freedom and democracy in Mayanmar, it is now crystal clear that Suu Qi is worthy of neither the Nobel Peace Prize nor the honorary Canadian citizenship. Her continuing and utter silence in the face of the ongoing massacre of the Rohingya by the Mayanmar generals shows her implicit complicity in the killing of thousands of her country men, women and children. She hasn't dared utter a word against the genocidal, persistent and ongoing slaughter of the Mayanmar's own Rohingya people.

She and her apologists have many 'explanations'. The weasel words they continue to proffer can't and won't wash or wish away the continuing systematic killing of the Rohingya and the  burning of their villages and hamlets. Thousands of refugees fleeing the Burmese general's terror, in which Aung San Suu Qi is thoroughly and shamelessly complicit, continue to pour into Bangladesh. Uttering vacuous words, the world has effectively ignored the continuing killings of the Rohingya, with many Buddhist monks, the supposed messengers of peace, actively encouraging and participating in the killings. 

Time to act is now. Though belatedly, the Guardian has called for the revocation of Suu Qi's  Nobel. But the Nobel Committee has shown its gutlessness, and if I might dare say, its obsolescence. It should disband itself and die a well deserved ignominious death.

The government of Canada too has been silent and pussyfooting around this issue for far too long. If the honorary citizenship of Canada is to mean anything in the future, our government must act to protect Canada's credibility. It must now, without any further delay, revoke Suu Qi's honorary Canadian citizenship.

As an Honorary Canadian Citizen, she is a blot on Canada's reputation.

Mr. Trudeau, do the right thing for Mayanmar and Canada. Please revoke Suu Qi's honorary Canadian citizenship. 

PS: This post has been revised for clarity.

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